What to expect from Srikant Yadav

I am super excited.

Finally, I started my personal blog. I wanted to do something that would inspire me and get me excited

And the idea came into my mind to start blogging after reading so many blogs online.

This blog is a medium for me to achieve my goals and inspire others also.

I will share all about my life journey with all the tools and resources to help others on their journey towards success.

I read a lot of books and consume lots of contents online, which I really love.

In coming days I will be sharing the review of books and resources that I am going through.


In addition,

I will be writing and openly sharing what I am learning and doing in each area of life.

I have divided this blog into some categories, which I will be covering:

  • Career and Business
  • Health
  • Mindset
  • Money
  • Books
  • Travels

These are some area that I am passionate about and want to keep balance in.

I would encourage you to join this journey with me.

My first blog post


I’m writing my first blog post on this personal blog. I purchased this domain three years back to start my blog

But i failed so many times on the same domain, because i did not have any knowledge about blogging.

Then i thought to start another blog on different domain to learn all about digital marketing.

I enrolled into online courses about digital marketing and started reading books.

So far, i have learnt lots of thing about digital marketing.

And now i am going to implement all my knowledge on the same.

If your are the same as me, join me on this journey and keep learning.

And listen this is my first blog post on this blog.