Feels Good that you want to know about me.

Hey, I am Srikant Yadav owner of this blog.

You are most welcome on my blog. I started this blog to learn about digital marketing.

I am very passionate to learn new things.

Before starting this blog I failed in my other three blogs and wasted lots of money on the kinds of stuff online.


I started investing in myself, enrolled in an online course for digital marketing and did lots of experiment with my old failed blogs.

I read a lot of books and blog post about digital marketing after failing so many times.


I think I have little experience in the field of digital marketing.

Now here is the story,

Three years back I was searching on google ” How to make money online”

Found so many results but One NEW word I saw in one of the results and that word was “Blogging”

I thought “what is this blogging?”

Started searching more about “Blogging” and found one famous blog named shoutmeloud.com

This guy really inspired me to learn this giant topic “Blogging”.


Let see what happens in the coming days.

If You also are the same as me then save my URL (srikantyadav.com) and join me on this journey.


Srikant Yadav